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"Paper collectibles for the beginning or serious
toy train paper enthusiast"

It is very easy to order. Simply identify what you want, send an email to to reserve your items, and send a check or money order within ten (10) business days to the address below. If you need clarification on any listed item, simply email with your question for a rapid response! All prices are per item unless specified. Please see Terms and Conditions for ordering details. Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Paper and Collectibles is the reference source for numbering the listed Lionel items. A DVD copy of this book is available for purchase. This listing has been updated and replaces all prior listings.

Lionel Prewar Period 1900 - 1945 (Sold Out)
Lionel Postwar Period 1946 - 1969

Lionel Postwar Instruction Sheets

Modern Era Period 1970 - Present (Sold Out)

American Flyer Paper

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Please be sure to visit Lionel Stock Certificates and The Showcase for more classic Lionel items for sale!

Prewar Paper Inventory has been depleted at this time.

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